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What began as a collaborative conversation between the co-founders Dustin Haggett and Simon Sorensen and with the addition of Founding Investor Ryan Smith, Hub Salt Lake has become the first Impact Hub in Utah, strategically located in Salt Lake City. The global community of Impact Hubs worldwide includes more than 80 locations and 11,000 members across 50 countries. Each Impact Hub is a local community of participants connected by the shared goal of using business and entrepreneurship as a tool to drive positive change. For profit and nonprofit, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals are all welcome to set the standard for Salt Lake’s next generation of purpose-based enterprises.


Robyn Cohen

Robyn Cohen

Director of Community & Operations

Robyn is originally from Toronto but has called Salt Lake City home since 2014.

For over a decade, Robyn has been running successful tech and women-focused organizations both here in the U.S. and Brazil.

Heidi Gress

Heidi Gress

Director of Marketing and Events

Heidi M. Gress relocated from Los Angeles where she worked in commercial production and publishing. She has been actively involved in the Salt Lake creative community as a special events producer and marketing consultant.


Dustin Haggett

Dustin Haggett

Founder & CEO

Dustin is the catalyst behind Impact Hub Salt Lake’s growth and community partnerships.

Dustin has over a decade of experience working with governments and organizations in a variety of industries. He is a combat veteran serving eight years in the US Army and a Rotarian.

Søren Simonsen

Søren Simonsen

Founder & Board Director

Søren was an early adopter and champion of co-working in Salt Lake City.

He founded the Impact Hub movement in Utah in 2009. He played a key role in the space design, financing, development, and community partnership efforts for Impact Hub Salt Lake.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Founding Investor & Chairman

Ryan is the founding manager of Variance Ventures, a firm that is geared towards making a positive social impact.

Ryan is from Salt Lake City and loves being in spaces where he can take part in and help to facilitate positive change within our community.


Impact Hub Salt Lake is part of Impact Hub International, a global network of collaborators focused on making a positive impact in the world. The entire network is based on the belief that a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed, and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.

At once an coworking and community hub, innovation lab, a business Incubator, and a social enterprise community center, Impact Hub International is a global ecosystem that connects Salt Lake to resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow positive impact.


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Impact Hub Salt Lake

Impact Hub Salt Lake
150 South State Street, #1
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(385) 202-6008

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